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My latest collaboration with internationally acclaimed pianist Ivano Borgazzi led to the recording of a new album, “Roots ‘n’ Routes” and the birth of the new quartet By The Way featuring also Michael Rosen on sax and Enzo Zirilli on drums. Released on my label Equilateral Records it includes original tunes from me and Ivano, ranging from jazz to funk, latin, Brazilian. Available from March 2015 on Amazon, iTunes,  CD Baby and many other online shops.



My previous album draws together pages from my own music diary. Brazillian, West-African and Latin styles are intertwined with Jazz and Cinematic elements. All songs are original apart from a re-arrangement of a J. S. Bach cello sarabande.
Featuring Zoe Rahman on piano, Paul Booth sax/flute, Guillermo Hill guitar, Adriano Adewale and Ahmed Fofana percussion, Madou Sidiki Diabate kora, cellist Ivan Hussey, vocalists Alice Bellasich, Josue Ferreira, Gustavo Marques, Al Maranca, Kashillaka among others.
Released September 2012 on Equilateral Records.


The score for George Eugeniou’s play “Hole in the Heart” (a XXI century Greek tragedy) led to the realization of this evocative album with echoes from North Africa, Armenia and modern city life. Recorded entirely at my home studio by himself, also featuring Yazid Fentazi on oud, Gerry Hunt on sax/flute, Roberto Manes on violin, Matt Börgmann on guitar.

Click to your right to listen to excerpts from the album.


My debut album was released in May 2001, on Stay Tuned Records,  receiving very positive response and enthusiastic reactions inside and outside UK. Featuring Steve Lodder, piano/kbd; Jerry Hunt, saxes flute, guitar; Davide Giovannini, drums; Roger Beaujolais, vibes; Wade Austen, steel pan.

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Polaris’s manifesto is to create layer upon layer of atmospherically rich and sophisticated soundscapes, entirely live, using a loop machine which allows the use of several instruments, although played by only two musicians. This led to the recording of the first album, «Polaris» (2005), with violinist Roberto Manes, featured on  BBC Radio 3 «Late Junction».


Based upon the same principles, a second album was released in 2009, “Echoes from Exo”, this time with multi-instrumentalist Ross Hughes (sax, flute, clarinet, guitar, cavaquinho).

Click to your right to listen to a selection of tracks from both albums. 

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